The language of the unheard: LS McClain

LS McClain opens up on the George Floyd murder, the ensuing protests, rioting, police brutality, systematic racism, centuries of oppression, the reality for black Americans, who has stepped up, who has stepped back, and what he hopes to see. In a hard hitting discussion, the two-time IPF World Champion leaves his mark. 6 Pack Lapadat hosts. 

LS: The rest of the story…

This is the other 3 hours of the conversation between LS McClain and 6 Pack Lapadat.  Topics range from Powerlifting showdowns, to coaching, leadership skills, saying sorry, the struggle some will never know, losing friends to drive-bys/abuse/suicides, standing up when needed, and much more!

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USAPL Exodus: The US National Team leaves

USAPL National team members have resigned from the USAPL and joined the US Virgin Islands Powerlifting team in order to compete at the IPF World Championships. How did it happen, what does this mean for thier future, and all the federations? All this is discussed.    Also discussed, the IPF breaks it’s silence and gives it’s side of the story. The USAPL schedules thier 2022 Raw Nationals the same week as the 2022 IPF Worlds, Read More

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Ana Rosa Castellain joins KOTL!

Multiple time IPF World Champion Ana Rosa Castellain joins KOTL to the upcoming IPF World Championships and the possibility of becoming the first 3 division IPF World Champion.   Also discussed is her friendly rivalry with Kimberly Walford, and her bitter feud with a different rival.  In a truely open and honest interview Ana Rosa Castellain opens up with host 6 Pack Lapadat. 

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