News: 2011 Raw Nationals is Qualifier for IPF Raw World Event!!

06/19/2011 Mass-Lift 0

The IPF Classic – June 12-17th, 2012 in Sweden One more reason to come out August 19th-21st, 2011. The USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals is going to be a qualifier for the first IPF Classic, which is the first IPF sanction Raw World event. This is a big step to the movement of Raw and I am very excited about this event. Check out the IPF Forum for more information related to this event IPF Classic Read More

2011 USAPL New England Powerlifting Championships

06/13/2011 Joe Cassaro 0

 Full Results On Saturday May 14, 42 lifters arrived at Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood Massachusetts for the 2011 USAPL New England Regional Championships. The small, all-boys catholic school has created some of Massachusetts best lifters in the past two decades under the direction of strength coach and co-meet director Al Fornaro. The alma mater of multiple national caliber lifters served as the perfect venue for the event, offering a generously equipped warm up Read More

Men’s Nationals

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Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, the site of this year’s USAPL Men’s Open, Teen and Junior National Championships saw several lifters from Massachusetts and New England. This year’s championships was special because 30 years ago it was Brother Bennett of St. Stanislaus in Bay St. Louis, whose passion for drug free weightlifting and Powerlifting gave birth to the American Drug Free Powerlifting Association which later became the USAPL. Friday, the first day of the competition it Read More

Petit at IPF World Bench Press Championships

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Soelden, Austria home of the 2011 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Bench Press Championships, Shaina Petit of Berkley, MA and of the Northeastern University Powerlifting Team competed for Team USA. Shaina’s 110Kg/242lbs second bench was good for fourth place in the world championships; this was also an 11lbs personal record for her. In attempt to come home with a top three finish Shaina narrowly missed 253lbs bench.

2011 Women’s Nationals

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This past weekend there was only one local lifter at Women’s Nationals in Atlanta, GA. Liane Blyn (Open, 181wc) made her come back after a sever car accident this past winter. Liane finished the day with a 446.4lbs squat, 358.2lbs bench, 424.3lbs deadlift for a 1,229lbs total. Liane only attempted 7 lifts as she passed on her third squat and last two deadlifts, perhaps a result from her injuries but she made all 7 attempts. Read More

2011 Master’s Nationals

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Several local lifters took part in the 2011 Master’s Nationals this past weekend in Atlanta, GA. Cohasset’s own Eric Kupperstein (M1b, 123wc) took first place and set several National and American Records in the Squat and Deadlift and a National Record in the Bench Press. Eric finished the day with a 473.9lbs squat, 270lbs bench, 551 deadlift for a 1,295.2lbs total. Joining Eric was Paul Mears (M2b, 165wc), who couldn’t get a legal squat in Read More

Kupperstein Featured in Power Magazine

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One to Watch: Eric Kupperstein Written by POWER Eric Kupperstein has been competing in powerlifting for many years, has won many national and world titles, and has set and holds many national and world records. He currently competes in the USAPL and prefers to lift raw. Here is a little bit about Power’s “One to Watch.” Power: How old where you when you began powerlifting? EK: I entered my first competition, which was a Read More

A Gym Rat’s Guide to the One-Rep Max

09/19/2010 Matthew Gary 0

Show me a person who doesn’t want to be strong and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t get off the couch very often. The ability to move heavy objects and perform physically demanding tasks is just plain cool. When you’re strong, you don’t have to walk around thumping your chest like an idiot, people will stand up and take notice. Since most of us don’t go around lifting cars or chopping down trees with our Read More

Training Specificity for Powerlifters

01/03/2010 Matthew Gary 0

Navigating the tortuous road to athletic achievement requires a comprehensive roadmap. Motivated trainees are constantly searching for the latest protocol that will transport their performance to the next level. They will scour the Internet for the most recent training methodology. Athletes will dive into the pool of printed media including articles, journals, periodicals, and texts in an effort to find the missing link that will take them from novice to elite. Some will even travel Read More

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