Boston Open Final Update

09/14/2012 Mass-Lift 0

  Directions: (click on link or scroll down) Walker Memorial- Morss Hall Parking  (Hayward Street Lot) Hayward Street Lot to Morss Hall  Final Nominations: Name State (Team) Birth date Division WtCls Lot # Event Raw/EQ Flight/ Group Eunice Giarta MA (MIT) 2/14/1991  FR-JR 105 14 PL Raw A Syler Wagner MA 9/1/1992  FR-O 105 18 PL Raw A Minna Song MA (MIT) 9/17/1991  FR-JR 132 3 PL Raw A Joanne Craig PA 2/25/1961  FR-O+M2a 132 Read More

2012 Boston Open Nomination List

09/06/2012 Mass-Lift 0

USAPL Boston Open Championships Morss Hall, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA September 15, 2012 Current Nomination List (45 entries): Powerlifting (3-lift) Women’s Raw Junior Eunice Giarta Minna Song Stephanie Birkhimer Women’s Raw Open 105’s Syler Wagner Women’s Raw Open 132’s Joanne Craig Allssa Haveson Women’s Raw Open 148’s Virginia Chiu Women’s Masters Joanne Craig Nona Hubbard Women’s Equipped Open 165’s Erika Myers Men’s Youth Tristen Krensavage Men’s Junior 165’s Yi Sun Xiaolin (Danny) Shi Read More