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The Wolf and Authenticity

Written by: Kevin Cann I started to write this as a post, but I have more to say than that space will allow.  As a young boy, like most young boys, I loved The Jungle Book.  Akela, the wolf was my favorite character, not sure why, but he was.  He was the leader of the wolves.  Shere khan killed him in a fight while he was protecting Mowgli, who was a young boy at the time. After writing that Read More

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The Physics of Lifting: Bands vs Chains

Written by: Kevin Cann Training is first and foremost a physics problem.  Understanding concepts such as force, potential energy, kinetic energy, velocity, acceleration, and work are critical to the coach being able to write effective programs, but also to be able to utilize the various tools at his or her disposal more effectively. Understanding how biomechanical structure has an impact on recovery is important.  A lifter with a longer ROM on deadlifts, will be doing more work, Read More

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