IPF Newsletter Volume III: Issue I

11/28/2012 Mass-Lift 0

the IPF restarts to inform the members about important activities in the IPF via a newsletter, which will be sent out to all members and which will be also posted on the IPF website. The responsible person preparing the newsletter is Mr. Robert Keller, President of the North American Region (NAPF). He will send out newsletters during the year with all important changes in our sport, like technical rules changes, anti doping rule changes, new Read More

IPF Seeking IOC Recognition

11/20/2012 Mass-Lift 0

On Monday 12. November, the IPF Secretary General Emanuel Scheiber and representatives from the IOC had a meeting in Lausanne (SUI) regarding the IPF application for IOC recognition. The IOC representatives were very impressed about the very complete and well done application. They pointed out the improvement since the last application 2006 and the great work in Anti Doping and Media (live streaming, magazine) matters. Another very positive effect is the cooperation with the Special Olympics Read More

Powerlifting Toward Wellness

11/19/2012 Matthew Gary 0

Exercise selection is the foundation of any strength training program. One question I’m frequently asked is, “What exercises do you recommend?” My stock reply is, “Choose a compound movement that targets the muscle groups you want to improve.” A compound movement involves two or more joints in motion simultaneously. Four lower body multi joint exercises are squats, deadlifts, lunges, and step ups. Each exercise requires the use of the hip and knee joints and to Read More

4th Annual IPF/NAPF/FESUPO Pan-American and 7th IPF/NAPF North American Regional Bench Press Championships

11/15/2012 Mass-Lift 0

Dear IPF/NAPF/FESUPO Member Federations: The nominations for the 4th Annual IPF/NAPF/FESUPO Pan-American and 7th IPF/NAPF North American Regional Bench Press Championships will take place at the Red Lion Hotel, in Aurora (Denver), Colorado on November 15-17, 2012 are now posted. Nominations — Men Nominations — Women Furthermore, the championship will be live streamed here: Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

Top 10 Mistakes Novice Lifters Make

11/12/2012 Matthew Gary 0

My wife and I are both active members of the USAPL (USA Powerlifting) as competitors, coaches, and national referees.  Sioux-z (pictured left) was also recently voted to serve on the USAPL Women’s Committee, which is designed to promote, protect, and serve the interests of  women’s powerlifting.  Together we have 27 years of competitive powerlifting experience under our belts.  With experience comes wisdom. Experience and wisdom are far more precious than strength.  In powerlifting, experience and wisdom often Read More