One Thing We Are Doing More Like Westside

02/28/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann That title is part click bait and part truth.  For those of you that know me, know that I feel that Westside style training is very inadequate for the raw powerlifter.  Multiply and raw are vastly different sports. Best way I have heard it explained is through this analogy.  Racquetball and tennis are both racquet sports, but vastly different in how they are played.  The same goes for raw and multiply. Read More

Understanding Variation: How Specific Should You Be?

02/22/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann Dave Tate of EliteFTS posted this question on Instagram the other day: “Most coaches I speak to that only endorse the “sports specific” angle for powerlifting (only do the specific competition lifts) would have a more expanded view of the training process if they took the time to learn what dynamic correspondence is.” The wording of this question bothers me a bit.  Explain why you do things a specific way instead Read More

Precision Powerlifting Systems

02/15/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann I typically write posts about training.  This one is going to be a little different.  The last month has seen some major changes for the Precision Powerlifting Systems crew.  We are no longer affiliated with Total Performance Sports as of January.  We are our own entity now. We are now located at RX Strength Training in Somerville.  Jeff, the owner, is an awesome guy and has created a great training environment Read More

Your Powerlifting Coach Should Be More Than Just A Programmer

02/14/2018 Arian Khamesi 0

I often see a lot of hate towards Powerlifting coaches these days. Recently, I stumbled across a Reddit thread from 6 months ago where lifters shared their personal experiences of working with a Powerlifting coach. It seems many had a bad experience and didn’t receive the services that they’d expect. I think the main reason for this is the lifters are going with someone who is a “programmer” and not a professional coach. A “programmer” Read More

Understanding Progression

02/06/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann Progressing a program is something that is a necessary part of getting stronger.  However, I feel many athletes and coaches may not know how to do it appropriately. There are a number of ways in which you can progress a program.  The most usual are adding weight to the bar or adding in more repetitions.  However, when do we know when it is appropriate to add more weight on the bar Read More