Stop Regurgitating Words and Tell Me What YOU Know

05/22/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann This is going to be more of a rant than anything.  It is not a bad rant, but something that frustrates me at this point in my career. And before I get started, let me just tell you, I was this person before.  I think it is part of the process of maturing as a coach. I have performed the FMS and swore by it, I have done the “single leg is Read More

Applying ACWR and Exertion Load to Programming and Its Significance on Long Term Athlete Progress

05/15/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann We all know volume is important to getting stronger.  For the most part, we all know that we need to progress training in a way where volume increases over time to get stronger.  However, it is not as simple as it seems. Even though increasing volume is the answer to getting stronger, it can also be a poison to the athlete.  You see, too much volume too quickly and the athlete Read More

Monitoring Internal Load and Intra-block Progress

05/08/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann This article is going to piggy back off of the one that I posted yesterday about my use of Acute Chronic Work Ratio (ACWR)in the strength sports.  My wheels have been burning rubber and it just helps to get this stuff down on paper sometimes. I use the ACWR as a means of monitoring a lifter’s fitness vs fatigue.  The chronic workload is a 4-week rolling average of total weight lifted Read More

ACWR and Athlete Readiness: How We Push Training to Higher Limits

05/07/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann We all know that volume is important to get stronger.  Too little volume and progress can stall and even slide backwards.  Too much volume and we run the risk of overtraining and injury. So how do we know how much volume is appropriate for each lifter? This is where the acute chronic work ratio (ACWR) comes into play.  The ACWR analyzes the athlete’s current training and allows the coach to know what Read More

I Am Proud of PPS: Not Just for Smashing Weights

05/01/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann The month of April was huge for PPS.  We had 2 competitions that saw 13 of us compete.  The first one was on April 8thand it was our beginners’ meet (plus Grace). I am proud of everyone that had the guts to step on the platform for the first time and lift. Val, Kelly, Amanda, Evan, and Kevin you guys did PPS well.  I don’t care what people hit in the gym, Read More