How Important is Technique? You Earn the Right to Lift More

06/26/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann I had a really good conversation with the youngest member of our team this past weekend.  She had reached out asking for more work because she doesn’t feel sore or tired after training days in the gym.  She also said that the weights feel really easy sometimes and feels she should be doing more. For the sake of this article we will name her Amanda.  Amanda is a very coachable lifter Read More

The Submaximal Effort Method: My Thoughts from Dietmar Wolf’s Programs

06/19/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann I got my hands on some of Dietmar Wolf’s programs earlier this week, and after looking them over it got me thinking a bit.  These programs share many of the same principles as my coach, Boris Sheiko’s programs. The volumes and the number of lifts is very similar for one.  The only difference is in the average relative intensity.  Dietmar’s programs seem to be much lighter in terms of average relative Read More

Stop with The Cues: Words Don’t Fix Technique

06/12/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written By: Kevin Cann You know how many cues that Boris Sheiko has given me over the 140 weeks I have been training with him? Zero.  Not a single cue.  Instead I get feedback on my lifts and appropriate variations to help me fix the issues that he sees. It was not always like this. There were a few months before I started working with Boris that I decided to learn the lifts.  I hadn’t done anything Read More

We All Want Huge PRs, But Buyer Beware

06/05/2018 Kevin Cann 0

Written by: Kevin Cann I had another topic that I was actually going to write about today, but we will get to that one next week. This topic is fresh on my mind coming off of a competition and writing the training blocks for my lifters after we have competed. Every competition every lifter wants to hit the biggest personal records (PR) that they can possibly hit.  Of course, they want this, and they absolutely should.  Read More

Are You Determining Your Weaknesses Effectively?

06/03/2018 Arian Khamesi 0

A big part of Powerlifting, among coaches and athletes alike, is attacking the weakness or weaknesses in a competition lift to bring it up. Unfortunately, often the weakness isn’t being properly identified and the lifter wastes time on programming that doesn’t improve their competition lift. This blog post goes over some concepts to think about and ways to more effectively determine a weakness or weaknesses in a competition lift. First, many Powerlifters are looking for Read More