Why You Don’t Have A Deadlift Lockout Problem

07/26/2018 Arian Khamesi 0

If you frequent any Powerlifting forums or follow Powerlifters on social media, then you’ll often see lifters asking how to fix their deadlift lockout. They’ll ask what exercise(s) they need to do or what muscle(s) they need to build up in order to make their lockout stronger. In most of these cases, the lockout isn’t actually weak. What is weak is technique, which leads to poor positioning at the time of the lockout. Most of Read More

First Ever Squats & Science Seminar

07/12/2018 Arian Khamesi 0

Ask and you shall receive! People have been asking for a Squats & Science seminar, so we’ve finally put one together. The seminar will take place at S&S Barbell in Brooklyn, NY on August 25th. The morning session (9 AM to 12 PM) will be exclusive to Squats & Science online clients and gym members and will be free. The afternoon session (1 PM to 7 PM) will be open to all and only $30. Read More

USA Powerlifting Northeast Regional Championship- Update 1 (Most Common Questions)

07/06/2018 Mass-Lift 0

  I am going to attempt to answer the most common questions we currently are receiving regarding this year’s regionals. How do I register? The full registration form is available HERE. Is the roster posted anywhere? Yes, it is now on our event page, but it is also listed at the bottom of this post. How can I change my weight class or division: While the entry form is still active all you need to Read More