7 Years: From Sheiko to Conjugate

Written by: Kevin Cann This marks my 7-year anniversary of coaching powerlifting.  Around this time in 2015 I took a job at a local gym with a strong reputation and culture for strongman and powerlifting.  I had no idea how to really get people strong until I started working here.  I also never realized how much detail goes into the big 3 lifts. I would meet Boris Sheiko, the legendary Russian coach a few months later and began Read More

I Used to Say Westside Sucks Too

Written by: Kevin Cann I used to say that Westside sucks too.  Well, maybe not that Westside sucks, but that it wasn’t for raw powerlifters.  I would use the argument that the strength curve of a raw lift was different than that in equipment.  You know, because of course the squat is easier in the bottom of an equipped squat.  It took the perma bruises on my thighs and my yearly tan from popped blood vessels in my face Read More