How to Qualify to Represent the USA at International Championships

03/04/2014 Mass-Lift 0

  Do you want to represent our country and the USAPL by competing on a national team? There are eight primary international championships that the USAPL participates in. Here’s everything you need to know about how to qualify, purchase team apparel, and remit all team fees . Your Team Head Coach or Manager will give you instructions on what you need to do as a team member and the deadlines for each team. Team Uniforms Read More

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Massachusetts at the 2013 IPF World Championships

11/04/2013 Mass-Lift 0

This year’s IPF World Championships to be held this week in Stavanger, Norway, will feature several well established Massachusetts powerlifters. The lifters include Luis Jaimes of Roslindale, Joe Cappellino of South Boston, Liane Blyn of Southwick, and Sue Elwyn of Western Massachusetts. Michael Zawilinski, Strength and Conditioning coach for Northeastern University, will also be present as a coach for Team USA. Luis Jaimes rose to prominence in the Massachusetts powerlifting scene late in his collegiate Read More

Gaston Parag, presedent of the IPF, talks about the Olympic Movement

01/02/2013 Mass-Lift 0

Norway’s IPF affiliate who is hosting the 34th Women’s and 43rd Men’s World Powerlifting Championships, posted a great interview with newly elected IPF President, Gaston Parage on their World Championship website. Gaston goes into great detail about the IPF’s push for the Olympics and the current status of Powerlifting at the international level. Being realistic, when do you believe Powerlifters will take part in the Olympics? A short answer on this not before 2020 (but Read More