How to Qualify to Represent the USA at International Championships

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  Do you want to represent our country and the USAPL by competing on a national team? There are eight primary international championships that the USAPL participates in. Here’s everything you need to know about how to qualify, purchase team apparel, and remit all team fees . Your Team Head Coach or Manager will give you instructions on what you need to do as a team member and the deadlines for each team. Team Uniforms Read More

Boston to Host American Open in 2014, Zawilinski elected as Athlete Rep

06/29/2012 Mass-Lift 0

Orlando, FL, June 21- The National Governing Body Meeting traditionally held the day before Men’s Nationals was the site for two important announcements for USA Powerlifting in New England. First Boston wins the bid for the 2014 American Open and local lifter, meet director and coach Michael Zawilinski is elected to a two year term as one of five Athlete Representatives. The American Open is a national meet that doesn’t require a qualifying total and Read More


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The Prohibited List is a cornerstone of the World Anti-Doping Code and a key component of harmonization. The List is updated annually following an extensive consultation process facilitated by WADA. The 2012 List is valid from January 1 to December 31, 2012. 2012 Prohibited List (PDF) What is the Prohibited List? The Prohibited List (List) was first published in 1963 under the leadership of the International Olympic Committee. Since 2004, as mandated by the World Read More

The 2012 IPF approved equipment list

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Updated: 1st of January 2012 Approved supportive equipment: Only costumes, support shirts and wraps from commercial manufacturers officially registered and approved by the Technical Committee shall be permitted for use in Powerlifting Competitions. This applies to all championships and records, from Local to World. Only bars and plates, squat racks, bench racks and benches from commercial manufacturers officially registered and approved by the Technical Committee shall be permitted for use in World, Regional and Continental Read More

Removal of APT Gear from IPF approved list

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In a statement today the IPF has announced that APT-Pro Wrist Straps will no longer be approved for competition. This ruling will go in effect on January 1st of 2012. This means that at all USAPL sanctioned meets as of January 1st you will no longer be able to wear APT gear. The only gear that will be approved is made by Titan, Metal and Inzer. Here is the statement that was posted on the Read More