Knowledge vs Wisdom

Written by: Kevin Cann I am going to begin this article by telling a story that is titled “A Cup of Tea.”  An important man traveled far to seek out the guidance of a Zen master.  This Zen master was said to be the best of all of the Zen masters.  People would seek him out from far and wide for guidance. This important man meets with the Zen master and tells him that he is there for Read More

You Can’t Do It All

Written by: Kevin Cann My daughter is a big fan of the Marvel movies.  We were watching the original Spiderman movies recently and in one of these moves, Spiderman is so stressed with work, school, and his duties as a superhero that he loses his powers. This made me think quite a bit about powerlifting.  The first couple of years can lead to you feeling invincible as your numbers just continue to climb.  These beginner gains can really Read More


09/01/2021 Mass-Lift 0

09/01/2021 On 25 August 2021, the IPF Doping Hearing Panel decided to impose a number of consequences on the USAPL as a sanction for breaching the IPF Anti-Doping Rules (ADR). The decision can be accessed via the following link From 1 January 2021, the World Anti-Doping Code has stipulated that International Federations must require their National Federations to conduct testing only under the documented authority of the International Federation. As a Signatory of the World Read More

Long Term Planning in Powerlifting

Written by: Kevin Cann This is a topic that I have gone back and forth a lot about over the years.  I started out with believing it was important, then it wasn’t, and now all of these years later we are back to understanding its importance. There is a difference between intellectual knowledge and experiential knowledge.  Intellectual knowledge comes from reading books.  All through undergrad and graduate school I learned about the importance of long term planning in Read More

USAPL suspended by the IPF!!

The USAPL has been suspended by the IPF. We discuss how we got this far, what this means for the future, and what the 2021 IPF Worlds will look like without the USAPL. Also discussed is the new USAPL pro series.  6 Pack Lapadat, Arian “Messy” Khamesi, Wild Bill McCarthy & Rory Lynch host. 

PRESS RELEASE: USA Powerlifting Immediately Suspended From IPF For Drug Testing

08/27/2021 USA Powerlifting 0

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 27, 2021 USA Powerlifting Immediately Suspended From IPF For Drug Testing (Anchorage, AK) USA Powerlifting received the judgment from the IPF Doping Hearing Panel. Despite our plea to allow nominated athletes to compete, much like the IOC and IPF did for Russia (ROC), The IPF has denied athletes the right to compete. We are essentially being suspended for too much drug testing and not for doping violations. A 12-month suspension for Read More

Values Cannot be Given, They Need to be Discovered

Written by: Kevin Cann This article will go along with the video that I posted on the Precision Powerlifting YouTube channel.  The video was titled “The Program is a Language to Communicate with the Lifter.”  I wanted to highlight one part of that video because I think that it is so important for coaches to understand. As coaches I feel that we are often attempting to force our values and ideals onto our lifters.  We have in our Read More

Press Release: August 15, 2021 Update on IPF vs USA Powerlifting Drug Testing Matters

08/16/2021 USA Powerlifting 0

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 15, 2021   (Anchorage, AK) We want to update our members and follow-up to the July 30, 2021 Press Release regarding the IPF charges of USA Powerlifting with failing to comply with the WADA Code, and the threat of fines and suspension. As anticipated, the IPF made new changes to their Doping Hearing Panel (DHP) procedures in order to rush to judgement: Arbitration Judge appointed by IPF, 1 day notice Arbitration Read More

Patience with Urgency

Written by: Kevin Cann John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach once said, “Be quick, but don’t hurry.”  This quote was to teach certain skills to his basketball players.  You need to be quick to beat your opponent, but the second you begin to hurry mistakes are made.  This applies to powerlifting also. Powerlifting is a sport where slow incremental progress becomes inevitable after the initial beginner gains.  I think many people get fooled here because they believe beginner Read More

Training is as Simple as Finding and Attacking Weaknesses

Written by: Kevin Cann As coaches I think we get stuck in our own heads sometimes about how to write the best program in the fucking world.  I know I can speak of my younger self in this regard.  Being so in tune to the program did eventually lead me to learn quite a bit about the training process when I took a larger view of the human in front of me.  It is how I came up Read More

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