2011 Master’s Nationals

Several local lifters took part in the 2011 Master’s Nationals this past weekend in Atlanta, GA. Cohasset’s own Eric Kupperstein (M1b, 123wc) took first place and set several National and American Records in the Squat and Deadlift and a National Record in the Bench Press. Eric finished the day with a 473.9lbs squat, 270lbs bench, 551 deadlift for a 1,295.2lbs total. Joining Eric was Paul Mears (M2b, 165wc), who couldn’t get a legal squat in but did walk away with a strong 236.9lbs bench. Joe Rizza (M3a, 181wc) also took first with a 424.4lbs squat, 170.9lbs bench, 424.4lbs deadlift for a 1,019.6lbs total. Rounding out the competition was Rick Johnson (M1b, 198wc) with a 463lb squat, 264.5lbs bench, 540.1lbs deadlift for a 1,267.6lbs total, good for a second place finish. Congratulations to these gentlemen as they all did well and represented some of the best lifters in the area.

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