Featured Lifter- Brian Phillips

For his best lifter performance at the Seventh Annual Northeast Regional High School and Collegiate Powerlifting Championships, Brian Phillips is the February Featured Lifter. Brian is an aspiring young strength coach who wants to be strong and he will further his education in the field this summer at his internship with the University of Southern California Football team.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Brian Phillips and I am 22 years old. I grew up in East Bridgewater, MA and have recently moved into my own apartment. Currently, I am studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University and will graduate in the fall of 2012. I am extremely grateful to have such a supportive family, whom is there for me no matter what. I work for Sharpe Strength and Conditioning training athletes of all ages. Overall, I am an athlete at heart so staying active and being competitive is what I enjoy most.

How did you get into the sport of powerlifting?

I am a newcomer in the powerlifting scene. Although I have trained for football throughout my high school and collegiate years, it wasn’t until about August of 2011 that I started to train specifically for powerlifting. I got into powerlifting for a few reasons. First, I wanted to get as strong as I possibly could, and I knew there was one way to do this. So I contacted fellow strength coach and powerlifter Mike Zawilinski. I knew if I wanted to get strong that I had to train with people stronger than me. Mike invited me to down to train with the crew and I haven’t turned back since.

What weight class or weight classes to you compete in?

I compete in the 181lbs or 82kg weight class.

What are your best lifts?

My best meet lifts are 435 squat, 402 bench press, and 440 deadlift.

What USAPL National meets have you lifted in and how did you place?

I competed at the 2011 USAPL Northeast Regional High School and Collegiate Championships. I won my weight class as well best male lifter.

Have you lifted in any NAPF or IPF meets if so how did you place?

Not yet.

Where do you train?

I train at Bay State Athletic Club in Scituate, MA.

Do you lift with a group/team or by yourself, if so who?

I lift with a mixed group of guys, and girls who make up Iron Revolution Powerlifting. Also, many members of the Northeastern Powerlifting team train at Bay State as well.

What current goals are you trying to accomplish?

At this point most of my goals are short term goals. Having only competed in one meet I know I left a lot of weight on the platform and this is something I will try to limit each and every time. I am constantly learning new tips and techniques to maximize my gear use. For my next meet I would like to total 1400.

What is your greatest moment in powerlifting?

My greatest moment was my 401 bench press. I missed my 2nd attempt at 385 but I came into the meet wanting to bench 400 and that is exactly what I did on my 3rd attempt.

Can you tell us a little about your training routine?

Currently I train on a 4 day per week split. Tuesday- Deadlift emphasis, Wednesday- Max effort Bench, Friday- Max Effort Squat, and Sunday- Speed bench. The main lifts always are the main focus of the program, followed with accessory work to improve specific weaknesses. I believe there are many successful ways to train, so I am always trying new things out.

Who are your mentors?

I can’t really narrow it down to a single person. I am influenced by many people. I can say that I wouldn’t be where I am at now without my training partners.

Do you have any tips that could help other lifters?

Train with people stronger than you. Simply put, having good training partners will give you both the positive and negative feedback that you need to constantly improve. Also, I have found filming your lifts to be very useful. The camera doesn’t lie and will help you improve your technique.

What inspires you to keep training?

Training allows you to challenge yourself physically and mentally everytime you get under the bar. I see training as a constant battle, you either win or lose.

What is your favorite music to listen too when your training?

I like a variety of music from rap to country and heavy metal. During training I will listen mostly to heavy music.

Do you compete in any other sports?

Not at the moment but I am a huge sports fan. I played college football, as well as football and ran track in high school.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank all of my training partners: Mike Zawilinski, Ben Schlafman, Joe Cappellino, Shaina Petit, Ally Almeida and the rest of the Baystate crew. Also, I would like to thank Mark Sieminski for the awesome gym he allows us to train at. Finally, I would like to thank my family and friends for their generosity and great support along the way.

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