2012 USAPL New England Open Powerlifting Championships

Date:Saturday May 26th

Location: Xaverian Brothers High School, Westwood, MA


Athletes please remeber to bring your photo ID for weigh-ins and please review current IPF approved equipment list

There will only one session! We will see everyone at 7:00am for weigh-ins!

Roster (as of 5/23):

Joanne Craig PA 132 FR-M2
Tom  Kerrigan CT 242 MR-M3
Kevin J. Conroy MA 198 M-M3
Kyle Gorenski RI 242 MR-O
Andrew Poggie RI 220 MR-O
Charles Cocci MA 275 MR-M2
Chris Caccia RI 181 MR-O
Stephanie Borns-Weil MA FR-M2
Frank Juszynski MA MR-M1
Michael Wadsworth MA 181 MR-M1
Michael Srokowski CT 181 MR-O
Petra Conti MA 132 F?-M1
Nicholas Lee ME 198 MR-JR
Chris Colbert NH 181 FR-M1
Frank Girolamo MA 242 M-T2
Benjamin Garelick MA 148 MR-JR
Joe Ascani NH 198 MR-M1
Carlos Moran MA 220 MR-JR
James Poh MA 181 MR-T2
Zachary Bryant MA 132 MR-T1
Joshua Bryant MA MR-T3
Andy  Hayden MA 132 MR-T1
Tristen  Krensavage RI 220 MR-Y1
Zachary Abrams MA 242 MR-O
Terrance Crocker MA 165 MR-JR
Keri Zamagni MA 198+ FR-O
Ian MacPherson MA 148
Steve Sawtwelle CT 148 MR-M2
Ryan Gillan MA 275 MR-JR
Michael Pimentel RI


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