Joe Cappellino 4/29/13

So I woke up saturday morning after smashing some squats and pulls the night before.  I was feeling pretty grizzly but had to hop in my car to go help my Mom, Gina Capp, move to a new place in Long Beach, NY.  To my surprise  when I got there her house was still pretty much full.  I moved furniture and boxes all day saturday and sunday, and even though I brought my stuff to workout, I didnt make it to the gym.  I took care of my responsibilities to the woman who raised me though, and I told her not to bother me for the next 8 weeks and that I will see her in Texas for USAPL Men’s Nationals (Yes my mom still comes to watch me lift, pretty awesome).
I was pretty sore from picking things up and putting them down in my moms new beachside apartment, but I decided to lift at Xaverian Brothers HS with the gang, and the legend coach FO.  I put on my rehband pants and sleeves, and started to lubricate my body immediately by stretching and doing squat triples of 135 since I wanted to go a little heavy today.





545×5 Easy

585×4 (Should have went for the fifth since these look pretty easy on vid, but I racked it because I didnt like the speed)


Bench with pause, pinky on ring




485xMISS  (First missed lift in a while, had good power and missed it on lockout)

Box Jumps

6 sets of 5 on a 24 inch box

1 set of 3 on a 36 inch box

Couldnt get the 48 inch

Machine rows

5 sets of 10

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