Joe Cappellino 7/19 & 7/21


Pretty self explanatory.  This week went alot smoother and I didn’t skip any sets (I skipped 2 sets last week).  I wrapped up for the last sets of squats on friday.  I used 176 on the overhead press and 286 on the incline presses.

I try not to go crazy on those since those arent counted towards my weeks volume.

Week 3 starts today and is the worst week.  4 squats, 4 DLs and a the longest bench pyramid Ive ever seen….. may the girths gods watch over me.

I am doing a raw push/pull that Luis is running on August 4th.  Its a 500 dollar prize for the winner so I need to get that grocery money.  I will take a few days off before hand so I am semi-fresh for it.  The week following I will test my squat. I will probably restart the shieko after that since the volume really falls off like youre about to do a meet.

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