6th Annual Ryan Moore New England Open High School Championships (MA-2016-03)

On March 13th high school athletes from around New England and beyond will gather to compete at the 6th Annual Ryan Moore New England Open High School Championships. This year’s championship will again be help at Xaverian Brothers High School, the alma mater of the late Ryan Moore. This Championship in the past has feature the strongest lifters from several high schools including Xavarian Brothers High School, Coyle & Cassidy High School, St. John’s High School, and St. John’s Preparatory School, to name a few. Last year’s championship one lifter shined at the national level, Chaz Ruffin who is ranked #2 in the Powerlifting High 2016 Preseason National Rankings, will he be able to defend his spot this year?

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Open to ALL USAPL Junior High School and High School registered athletes 12‐19 years of age who have been drug free for at least 3 years. At least 10% of the lifters will be drug tested.  All athletes must have a valid USAPL Registration Card. Membership cards can be puchased here:http://www.usapowerlifting.com/membership-application/


One piece lifting suits are mandatory for any contestant who enters the gear or equipped division. Shorts will be allowed for contestants who enter the raw division as long as the full knee is visible in the standing position. ALL equipment must conform to USAPL standards. For further clarification please visit http://www.usapowerlifting.com/rules-bylaws/ or contact the meet directors. 


This is an open meet all competitors will be entered into the open division which will be scored by total however, we will automatically enter lifters into their appropriate age division. Age divisions will be competed either by formula or total depending on the number of entries.

All registerd lifters are subject to drug testing!

Admission for spectators and personal coaches: $10.00 at the door


Event Director:

Michael Zawilinski

Tel. 781.706.4009

Email: mike@mass-lift.com


Schedule of Events:

Sunday, Marh 13, 2016

Session 1

7:00 am – Weigh-ins for all Junior High, Freshmen and Sophomore Athletes

8:30 am – Rules breifing

9:00 am – Competition Lifting

1:30 pm – Awards presentation / Drug testing protocol


Session 2

12:00 pm – Weigh-ins for All Juniors and Senior Athletes

1:30 pm – Rules breifing

2:00 pm – Competition Lifting

6:00 pm – Awards presentation / Drug testing protocol


This championship will have as many competition platforms need to accommodate all entered lifters.  

***Entry Form***

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