Local Lifters at the Arnold Sports Festival 2016


Starting Strength Pro Raw Challenge

In the morning session, defending 57kg champion Lodrina Cherne of Somerville, MA, had multiple personal bests, tying for second place on weight lifted and placing third by bodyweight.

In the afternoon session Eric Kupperstein of Cohasset, MA, won the 59kg open class and was third in the masters after competing in a USA Weightlifting meet earlier the same day.

Zach DiCostanzo of Brighton, MA won the 74kg class with platform personal bests in the squat, deadlift, and total in his first Arnold Sports Fest appearance.

Sling Shot Pro Deadlift

On Sunday morning, Shaina Petit of Assonet, MA, and Joe Cappellino of Weymouth, MA, both walked away in the money in the Pro Deadlift meet on the main expo stage.

Shaina pulled 202.5kg on her second attempt which was good for $500 and third heaviest female deadlift.

Joe Cappellino pulled 362.5kg on his second attempt, narrowly missing 382.5kg, and was rewarded with $600 for third heaviest male deadlift.

Titan Pro Bench

At the same time on Sunday morning, Mike Zawilinski of Portsmouth, RI, benched 305kg and 317.5kg. The Titan Pro Bench meet this year rewarded consistency and these two attempts combined put Mike fourth overall in the heavyweights.

Mike followed this achievement by getting his IPF cat 2 referee card the same weekend.

Also at the Arnold

Massachusetts was also represented by Zac Cooper of Westminster, MA, coaching multiple athletes and refereeing during the ASF weekend.

The official mobility sponsor of USAPL at the Arnold, ACUMOBILITY, based in Wakefield, MA also was on hand to present awards and exhibited their products at the expo.  Visit them online at http://www.acumobility.com for more information.

More information about the Arnold Sports Festival can be found at http://arnold.usapowerlifting.com