The Best Deadlift Variations For Powerlifting

This video goes over the best deadlift variations for Powerlifting broken up into categories of technique, strength, and hypertrophy. So, regardless of what your goal is for a training block, you can watch this video, see what variations I list for your goal, and then make sure you have it programmed for your training block.

When it comes to the deadlift technique, I’m a big fan of the tempo deadlift. You can choose your tempo based on how you want to scale it to your needs. For example, you can do a 3-1-3 tempo deadlift where you do 3 seconds up, 1 second pause at lockout, and then 3 seconds down.

When it comes to deadlift strength, I’m a big fan of block pulls. You can set the blocks between 2 and 4 inches off the ground. And if you don’t have access to blocks that you can use, then you can do a pause deadlift instead.

And when it comes to deadlift hypertrophy, I like deficit deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts. For deficit deadlifts, try to go for a 2 to 4 inch deficit. More than that could change the movement pattern too much and cause the back to round in the starting position.

If you want to hear me go more in-depth into deadlift variations like the ones mentioned in the video, then you can hear our podcast episode on the topic through the link below. And if you want to learn more deadlift tips and tricks, then be sure to check out my deadlift tips playlist.

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