Favorite Lower Body Accessory Exercises For Powerlifting

This video goes over my favorite lower body accessory exercises for the sport of Powerlifting. These are exercises that I use most often with my Squats & Science athletes, and that I have in my various free programs.

First off, I like unilateral exercises like the Bulgarian split squat, the lunge, and step ups. These build up the quadriceps and glutes while also focusing on stability and muscle imbalances.

Next, I like the leg press as many athletes are comfortable with the machine, and it lets you load up a lot of weight to build up lower body hypertrophy and strength.

Sometimes I also like programming leg extensions and leg curls. This takes the stability aspect out of the equation and allows for targeted hypertrophy of the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

And don’t forget, there are no magical exercises. Consistency is key. With any of these exercises, you want to focus on consistently doing them over the long term to build hypertrophy, strength, and fix any imbalances you may have.

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