Why I’m Switching From Squats & Science To The Strength Guys

I’m making a switch from Squats and Science to The Strength Guys! After a little over five years doing my online powerlifting coaching under Squats and Science, I’ve decided to make a change. In this VIDEO, I go over the history of how I got involved with Squats and Science, how things have changed over the years, and why I decided on The Strength Guys. 

As mentioned in the video, there are no hard feelings or ill-will towards each other. I’ve known the owner of Squats and Science, Jordan Berke, for over 10 years, he wants the best for me, and we’re going to continue to be friends.

In the coming weeks, I will be transitioning everything from the Squats and Science brand to The Strength Guys brand. This will include shutting down my arian@squatsandscience.com email and switching over to arian@thestrengthguys.com. So, going forward, you can always contact me at that new email for coaching questions or arian11@gmail.com for USAPL or general questions.

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