The Best Budget Wrist Wraps For Powerlifting

02/04/2021 Arian Khamesi 0

This video goes over the best budget wrist wraps for the sport of Powerlifting. This is part of a series going over the best budget items for a Powerlifter. In this video, I go over wrist wraps specifications, whether you should get stiff or flexible wrist wraps, what length wrist wraps are best, which wrist wraps to avoid, and then look at the price breakdown for the best quality wrist wraps so you can get Read More

Deconstructing the Volume Paradigm

Written by: Kevin Cann Powerlifting is filled with high frequency and high volume programs these days.  I think this stems to Dietmar Wolf and Boris Sheiko gaining popularity in America around the same time that raw powerlifting was starting to really blow up.  Mike Zourdos’ dissertation on daily undulated periodization also occurred around this time as well.  Making it “evidence based” to use this type of programming. The thing about Wolf’s and Sheiko’s programs were they took recommended Read More

What’s The Best Powerlifting Training Frequency?

02/02/2021 Arian Khamesi 0

This VIDEO goes over training frequency when it comes to Powerlifting and if it’s possible to progress from training three times per week. This topic originated over on TikTok. Since TikTok only allows for 1-minute videos, I figured I’d bring the topic over here for a deeper dive. In the video, I go over a number of training frequency examples I’ve used on my clients and what I’ve seen be successful elsewhere. In addition, I Read More

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