Advice For Powerlifting Coaches To Start Up Meet Day Handling Services

In this VIDEO, I go over advice coaches can take away to start up and build out their meet day handling services. Aside from programming and handling your own clients, coaches can also handle other lifters at meets. So, in the video, I go over how a coach can add in this service.

If you’re new to coaching or handling other lifters, then lifters may not want to pay you very much or any money at all. Simply, they may not see the value in it or not trust you as a coach if you have no results. So, it can be beneficial to start out for free in order to start gaining experience and results. But you can ask the lifter for other things in exchange, like a testimonial or referrals. The testimonials can help show your experience and value to potential new customers. In addition, lifters referring you to other lifters can help you reach more potential new customers through word of mouth.

In addition, you can combine various duties at a meet to help cover expenses if you’re handling lifters for little to no money. For example, if you’re a referee, you can handle lifters for some sessions and referee some sessions. For most meets, the meet director will compensate referees with something like money, a hotel room, or food. In addition, meet directors will sometimes compensate the other volunteer positions so you can always spot or score if you aren’t a referee.

And once you’ve started off for free and collected testimonials and more experience, then you can slowly increase your price over time. For example, you can start out charging $50, then $100, and then $150. In addition, while increasing your price, you can add more features to provide more value for the service. For example, you can add in pre-meet scouting of close competitors or post-meet analyzing of the lifter’s performance.

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