Should You Wear A Powerlifting Belt To Bench Press

In this video, I go over why someone may wear a belt for the bench press. In the gym or in a competition, you may see some people wear a belt while they bench press while some others don’t. A lifter could wear a belt for various reasons but I break down some of the most common reasons which are,

1. They’re an equipped lifter.
2. They want some active feedback for technical improvements.
3. They want some lower back support.
4. They saw someone else wearing one.

When it comes to equipped lifting, lifters are allowed additional equipment like a bench shirt. A belt can hold the bench shirt in place so it doesn’t move during the descent and help to store more elastic energy in the shirt.

A belt can also give you active feedback on whether you’re breathing and bracing properly. This can help beginner lifters get a feel for how to get tight and properly bench press. But once they’ve figured it out, they can always ditch the belt and then try to mimic the same technique without the belt.

A belt can also provide lower back support. Some lifters may experience pain in the lower back during the bench press or when they complete the set. The belt can possibly provide lower back support to relieve this pain.

And sometimes, lifters may simply copy what other lifters are doing. So it’s possible that a lifter saw some strong lifter wearing a belt while they bench in a gym or meet, and decided to start doing the same.

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