How Important Is Meet Day Handling For Powerlifting?

In this video, I go over whether meet day handling is worth it for powerlifting competitions. This topic is based on a discussion we’ve had on The King of the Lifts podcast but I wanted to expand on it in a video as it depends on the lifter and situation.

The lower the level of the meet is, the less competition there is in your division, and the more of a beginner competitor you’re, then the less important the meet day handling becomes. For example, for a first-time competitor at a local meet, they should only be focusing on the basics of having the correct equipment, following the rules, being warmed up on time, and making attempts.

On the flip side, the higher the level of the meet, the tighter the competition is in your division, and the more advanced you’re as a competitor, then the more important the meet day handling becomes. That’s when you need to maximize all factors of meet day to ensure you make as many attempts as possible, total as much as possible, and place as high as possible. An experienced meet day handler can also be vital in key, uncommon situations like when two lifters are going for the same world record or if you need to protest a call to the jury.

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My name is Arian Khamesi and I’m a Powerlifting Coach under The Strength Guys. In addition, I’m involved in the sport of Powerlifting as an athlete, meet director, referee, scoring manager, committee member, and more. On this channel, I produce videos that are beneficial for Powerlifting athletes, coaches, meet directors, and referees. The videos will be most applicable to those involved in an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) affiliate, like USA Powerlifting (USAPL). But many of the tips and tricks can also be used for those involved in other Powerlifting federations.

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