Sports as an Arena to Discover Yourself

Written by: Kevin Cann I had a situation a couple of weeks ago that shattered who I thought I was as a person.  I have always held my ability to overcome adversity at my core.  It has been my greatest asset.  I had received a text message that brought to my attention that I have years of my life that I have no recollection of. At first this really threw me off.  I was trying incredibly hard to remember Read More

How Sports Allowed Me to Deal with Complex Trauma

Written by: Kevin Cann I was originally going to write about selecting appropriate volume, both exercises and number of sets and reps, but I feel that just gets lost in the noise of the internet.  People only want to read what matches their bias and argue about the things that don’t.  Not many are really trying to learn. I love when coaches will share a picture of their “big” athletes to show everyone why their way is Read More

Invisible Wounds and PRs

Written by: Kevin Cann We bend over to deadlift, we start to pull, and suddenly, we feel a sharp pain shoot down our leg causing us to stop in our tracks and drop the bar to the floor.  We struggle to stand up straight and the pain is so severe that we think we just did something major to our back. Chances are that most reading this will have experienced this at one point or another Read More