Who’s “era” are we currently in? Division by division eras & pound for pound

With the furious debate of whether Taylor Atwood’s era as the pound for pound King is coming to a close, we examine what accomplishments a lifter needs to claim a era as the pound for pound King/Queen.

We also examine each weight class and determine

if a lifter has done enough to earn the right to claim an era. Our qualifications for claiming an era are given, and reasoning explained.

Finally, we conclude if the Taylor Atwood era is over.

Time stamps:

We begin with identifying eras in men’s Powerlifting (weight class by weight class).

46 mins 20 seconds we identify eras in women’s


1 hour 9 mins is when we debate who are the current pound for pound Kings & Queens (tested & untested) of Powerlifting, and whether the Taylor Atwood era is over.

Hosted by 6 Pack Lapadat & Eric Helms.