Why Most of You are Doing Mindless Reps

Written by: Kevin Cann I think that most coaches will agree that repetitions in training should be focused and that mindless repetitions are not too beneficial beyond a certain point.  There is only so far that “checking a box” will get you. However, I do not believe that most understand what focused reps are.  When I ask people what that means I get responses like “Not checking my phone”, or “I think about the things that I Read More

Self-Reflection is the Key to Self-Awareness. Self-Awareness is the Key to High Performance

Written by: Kevin Cann One of the things that I have been focusing a lot on with the group is reflecting.  These reflections have really helped me understand who I am.  This is important for us finding a purpose (intent) to our coaching and training.  This purpose needs to mean something to the individual.  This will help them face setbacks and adversity and stick with the sport long enough to develop skills that extend far beyond the platform. Reflection Read More

Attention is a Complex Skill

Written by: Kevin Cann We did our second skills class last night.  Skills class is a class that I run where we cover aspects of skill acquisition.  I think when most people hear the term skill they think of some specific sports aspect.  In powerlifting they may think about technique and/or the actual strength that the lifter displays. Skills go much deeper than that.  We need to train our psychological skills as well.  Many of which tend to be weaknesses Read More

Silencing Your Inner Critic

Written by: Kevin Cann Powerlifting is viewed as an individual sport at the end of the day.  However, no one gets great alone.  We all need help along the way.  This can come from a coach, a mentor, or training partners.  Powerlifting in this sense can be a great community. Powerlifting is also a sport that we compete ourselves.  Yes, for a select few, they are competing against each other for cash prizes and world championships.  However, for the vast majority Read More

Perhaps the Most Important Skill to Train

Written by: Kevin Cann When we all start off as coaches, we have this fascination with writing the perfect program.  This usually leads to us collecting more and more data, pumping out graphs, and explaining every mishap with the logic of these programs. Now, I collect data that I feel is important.  This just happens to be a lot less than I used to collect.  We track all of our max effort numbers and the lifters place a Read More

Who Are You?

Written By: Kevin Cann This is the most important question that anyone could ask you.  When I ask this question, I am not asking your name, but instead asking who you are at the deepest of levels.  You can’t be great, unless you truly know who you are. This disconnect with who you are can cause some issues as well.  Often who we say we are does not align with our truer self.  This is where cognitive dissonance lies.  However, Read More

My Personal and Coaching Philosophy

Written by: Kevin Cann The last year has been pretty rough for a lot of us.  I had a team of over 50 strong, 10 of which were qualified for USAPL Nationals.  We were cruising right along as a team.  Then the pandemic hit and I saw a large portion of my roster quit the sport of powerlifting all together. Out of the 9 that went to 2019 USAPL Nationals, only 4 remained.  This has been a problem in Read More

High Performance Cannot Be Found in a Spreadsheet

Written by: Kevin Cann Powerlifting seems to be in this fad of “evidence based” coaching and tracking every piece of data, to “individualize” the program for each lifter.  The internet eats this shit up too.  Why wouldn’t they?  It is much easier to just pay someone for a fancy program than it is to actually develop the skills required for high performance. This means that when things do not go right, there does not need to be accountability.  The Read More

Understanding Individualism in Movement

Written by: Kevin Cann If you are a coach, I am sure that you have heard this line before, “This is the technique that works for me.”  I have participated in high level athletics my entire life and never have I seen “athletes” so keen on telling the coach what to do.  In all of my other sporting experiences it was the other way around, but that is a story for another day. The majority of coaches Read More

Building Technique as an Emergent Property

Written by: Kevin Cann For some reason technique in the powerlifting world seems to be quite controversial.  I have never participated in a sport that technique was not emphasized.  Seems quite a few coaches believe that as long as you can lift by the rules that your technique is fine.  I could not disagree with this statement more. Over the years I have gone back and forth with this.  Sheiko really hammered into me the importance of technique, but Read More

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