How to Manage Max Effort Work with Fatigue and Technique Work

Written by: Kevin Cann   A lot of people will shit on max effort work in the powerlifting world.  They will say that it is too hard to recover from, dangerous in terms of injuries, and that technique will suffer.  These situations, although I disagree, I do find that there is some merit to them.   However, with that said, heavy singles are the sport.  At some point you need to actually train the sport. Read More

Free Online Referee Sessions

05/14/2020 USA Powerlifting 0

Thought about stepping up as state referee but nervous about taking the test?  Or already a referee and want to ask questions?  Join some of our experienced National & International Referees for short half hour sessions for an informal discussion on a variety of referee topics to prepare you for the test or help clarify the rulebook. Our first sessions will be the following dates and times: Saturday May 16th – 10-10:30 AM EST Monday, Read More

The PPS Way

Written by: Kevin Cann   I do not think many people understand what it is like to be a member of PPS.  This group is not for everyone, and I am sure as shit not for everyone.  We have had many people come and go over the years that could not handle the dynamic of the group, or myself as a coach.   PPS is much more than just following a training program, or a Read More

Accessory Work

Written by: Kevin Cann   One of the PPS lifters asked a fantastic question last night and I think this is a good topic to discuss today.  He asked about adding in more accessory work.  This being bodybuilding type exercises at the end of a training session.   First, we take a lot of singles.  However, we are not Westside and we differ from them very much.  Our day 1 will be max effort squats, Read More