Understanding Physics to Individualize Training

Written by: Kevin Cann We seem to be in a fad of “evidence based” coaching right now.  I also see a lot of coaches touting that they follow general principles in their programs, but when you see their programs there is a definite misunderstanding of those general principles of strength training. Training needs to be individualized for sure, but this pendulum has also swung a bit too far into the direction of over-individualization.  Small adjustments in the Read More

7 Tips To Improve Your Competition Day Warm Up Plan

11/20/2020 Arian Khamesi 0

My latest YouTube video is up! This one goes over 7 tips you can use to develop a more effective meet day warm up plan.⁣⁣1. For most raw lifters, you only need 4 to 6 warm ups. Don’t turn your warm up into a workout.⁣⁣2. As you go from first to last warm up, you want the jumps to get smaller.⁣⁣3. You also want the number of reps to go down as you progress through Read More

Upper/Lower vs Full Body Training Split For Powerlifting

11/18/2020 Arian Khamesi 0

This video goes over the pros and cons of using an upper/lower body training split versus a full-body training split for powerlifting. In an upper/lower body training split, you do squat and deadlift in the same sessions and bench press in a separate session. In a full-body training split, you do bench press with squat or deadlift in the same session. There are pros and cons to each when it comes to schedule flexibility, training Read More

PPS Programs vs Westside Conjugate vs DUP

Written by: Kevin Cann I saw a video last week where a coach was taking questions from followers.  One of these followers asked about a conjugate program for raw lifting.  The coach then said it was not a program that is useful for raw lifting and only one high level lifter uses it. This statement is incredibly ignorant and incorrect.  We need to first identify what the term conjugate means.  Conjugate is synonymous with concurrent periodization.  This means that we Read More

You Need to Train Harder Not More

Written by: Kevin Cann This is a message that I am really trying to send to Precision Powerlifting Systems right now.  We all can train harder than what we have been.  There is a current trend in powerlifting that seems to tell us that we need more. We need more frequency, more comp lifts, and more volume.  This I find to never really be the case.  If you are a lifter in the top 1% of the sport, and Read More

Find Your Stable Bench Press Starting Position

11/04/2020 Arian Khamesi 0

This video goes over the proper starting position for the bench press, specifically where the barbell should be over the body. I often see powerlifters have a starting position where the barbell is too far in one direction or the other. This makes the starting position unstable, inefficient, a waste of energy, and can lead to a bad lift off. So this video breaks it all down to help you figure out your correct starting Read More

Is individualized Training Overrated?

Written by: Kevin Cann Ever since I got into the field of strength and conditioning around 2005, I have been told that profiling athletes or giving assessments on clients is the way to go.  This has evolved into every little variable in training needing to be profiled and then individualized into a training program for the athlete. Testing an athlete, or performing an assessment, is used to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to structure a Read More

How The Online Powerlifting Coaching Process Works

10/29/2020 Arian Khamesi 0

This video goes over how the online Powerlifting coaching process works. I often get asked how the whole online Powerlifting coaching process works. Lifters are unsure of how to find information on a coach, sign-up, receive the programming, send training videos, receive feedback, etc. So, in this video, I got over the step-by-step process that a lifter goes through with my online Powerlifting coaches. In addition, the process is very similar with many of the Read More

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National Meets 2021, Arnold Qualifying, National Team Qualifying

10/28/2020 USA Powerlifting 0

We would like to start by thanking our volunteers, meet directors, referees, and state chairs for their tireless efforts throughout the year. Your commitment to USA Powerlifting is what makes our organization great. The USA Powerlifting Executive Committee has important updates on a few key topics it is excited to share with you. Our priority continues to be the health and safety of our members and we continue to consult subject matter experts across the Read More

Learn How To Handle Your Friends At Powerlifting Competitions

10/28/2020 Arian Khamesi 0

This video goes over some beginner tips on how you can handle a friend at a Powerlifting competition. While there’s a lot of planning and strategy that goes into handling a Powerlifter at higher-level meets, this isn’t necessary for the lower-level meets. So you can help out a family member or friend at a local meet with little to no experience. So in the video, I go over the different things throughout the day that Read More

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