Russian vs American Training Systems

Written by: Kevin Cann There are many different methods to get strong.  Most lifters and coaches are aware of a few different models.  Block periodization is probably the most popular.  This is when the coach prescribes each block to focus on one particular aspect of development while maintaining the others. An example would be a hypertrophy block followed by a strength block and finishing up with a power block. Another popular model is linear progressive overload.  The lifter takes their Read More

Sitting Back in the Squat

Written by: Kevin Cann I see this statement a lot on the interwebs, “Technique is not a one size fits all approach.  You should lift how you are comfortable and strongest.”  There are some truths to that statement, but it is taken much too far from the majority of the population spewing it. It seems to mostly come from younger and less experienced lifters and coaches who cite research that is performed on even less experienced lifters.  In Read More

My Love Hate Relationship with Periodization

Written by: Kevin Cann I have always been skeptical.  My whole life.  I wish smartphones and Google existed when I was kid so that I could have called bullshit on a few of my teachers at the time.  This attitude has led me to be wrong probably more often than I have been right.  However, it has taught me to think for myself and to really learn. Periodization was one of these concepts that were driven down my throat Read More

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New Women’s Weight Classes Coming 01/01/2021

10/06/2020 USA Powerlifting 0

The anticipated Women’s 8th weight class has finally been announced by the IPF.  Beginning January 1, 2021, the 72kg will be eliminated and will now include a 69kg and 76kg weight class. Lifters who achieve the 63kg QT can lift in the 63kg class go up to 69kg Lifters who achieve the 72kg QT can go down to 69kg or up to 76kg Lifters who achieve the 84kg QT can lift in the 84kg class Read More

2021 USAPL Boynton Barbell Center Championship – Registration Open!

10/06/2020 Arian Khamesi 0

Registration is now open for the 2021 USA Powerlifting Boynton Barbell Center Championship (FL-2021-03)! Please read all the information below about the Championship if you’re interested in competing. If you have any questions, then you can email me at Registration Links –Day 1 RegistrationDay 2 Registration Date – January 9-10th, 2021 Location – Boynton Barbell Center, 2950 NW Commerce Park Drive Unit 8, Boynton Beach, FL 33426 Tentative Schedule –Day 1 – Saturday, January 9th, 2021:Session Read More

Learning to Hunt

Written by: Kevin Cann I have been involved in competitive sports for 32 years now.  There has been a value system that has been embedded in me from all of these experiences.  I have learned that we can only control what we can control, and this is our attitude and our efforts.  Whether we were successful or unsuccessful on the previous attempt, we need to do the same thing moving forward.  We need to refocus our attitude and efforts Read More

The Effects Of Stress On Progress In Powerlifting

10/01/2020 Arian Khamesi 0

This video goes over a user-submitted topic on the central nervous system. In the world of Powerlifting, many lifters are worried about “overtraining” or “frying their CNS”. So, in the video, I go over the idea of stress and how there are so many variables that can affect your recovery rate and rate of progress. During the video, I bring up an article by Greg Nuckols on Stronger By Science that goes over a study Read More

USA Powerlifting Teams with United Through Sports

10/01/2020 USA Powerlifting 0

USA Powerlifting would like to invite all members ages 8-18 to participate in the United Through Sports (UTS) Virtual Youth Festival. UTS is an international non-profit organization working to help kids from disadvantaged backgrounds through sports. UTS is in allegiance with the IOC, Sports Accord and AIMS. The Virtual Youth Festival (VYF) encourages kids to participate in international sport in a time that our entire world is facing a pandemic. We have all seen first Read More

Specificity of Force Production

Written by: Kevin Cann I am currently doing a series for my Patreon channel about the general principles of training.  Specificity is of course a general principle that all coaches need to apply.  You can’t play tennis and expect to have a bigger total. I think that many coaches and lifters actually miss the mark on specificity in their training.  Seems like the majority views specificity of the movement as the primary driver, and others seem to argue Read More

Critical Theory in Powerlifting

Written by: Kevin Cann I discussed this with PPS last night during our bi-weekly team meeting.  I think that this is a fun topic and actually one that is relatively important.  Understanding these social theories and how they influence research and ideas can be very important to identifying a bias and making decisions. I like to read.  I read on average about a book per week.  These books vary in their topics and range from social theories, economics, coaching Read More

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