Training as a Thought Process

Written by: Kevin Cann   I say this a lot, that my training style is a thought process.  We do not just follow a recipe when we are training.  Earlier on in my coaching career we followed a recipe.  I had a structure of the way that the programs went, and we stayed bound to that structure no matter what.   I am not saying that I was wrong for doing that.  In the beginning Read More

Skewed Distribution of Outcomes

  Written by: Kevin Cann   The world is a complex place.  In fact, the theory that attempts to understand the complexity of the world we live in is actually called “complex theory.”  I had read a few books on chaos theory and then found Per Bak’s book titled, “How Nature Works.”   This book I found to be very fascinating.  It explained the concepts of complex theory in a way that was very easy Read More

2020 USA Powerlifting Northeast Regionals CANCELED

06/18/2020 Mass-Lift 0

All lifters that had previously registered for this event have gotten an email with instructions on what to do. While this probably isn’t surprising news to some it was definitely a difficult decision to make as we wanted to hold this event even if it was later in the year. With all of the postponed events, it didn’t make sense to hold a large event while other meet directors still wanting to run their own Read More

The Importance of Learning for Yourself

Written by: Kevin Cann   We live in a world where everyone just regurgitates the words of their favorite people.  This is not just with powerlifting, but just everything in general.  Earth is just one giant echo chamber.  No one tries to learn for themselves anymore.  They say they do, but they aren’t.   People say that they are open to hear alternative perceptions to their own.  What this really means is that they are Read More

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Metal Equipment Banned From USA Powerlifting

06/06/2020 USA Powerlifting 0

June 6, 2020 (Anchorage, AK) Effective immediately, powerlifting equipment manufactured by Metal will no longer be allowed in any USA Powerlifting competition.  USA Powerlifting will neither do business or facilitate the continued exposure or contribute to the success of a company whose values are inconsistent with ours, and based on prejudice, racism, or hatred. ### Read More

My Story of Hate

Written by: Kevin Cann   I am going to write about a very difficult topic for me today.  Sometimes you need to stand where you are uncomfortable and put yourself out there to be the change that you want to see in the world.   I have written a few articles this week about my feelings with the current state of this country.  These are not just coming out of nowhere.  I have experience in Read More

We Must Mourn Together

Written by: Kevin Cann   I am sad.  I am sad for the loss of George Floyd.  I am mad.  I am mad that a man was executed by the very people that are employed to protect him.  I am also sad for the deaths of the police officers involved in these riots.  These police officers were not the ones with their knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck.  These officers were the ones attempting to protect Read More

The Other America

  Written by: Kevin Cann   I sent this out to PPS, but I feel more people need to hear it.  It seems inappropriate to really talk about anything else right now with what is going on in the world.  I titled this article after a famous Martin Luther King Jr speech where he discusses the two Americas that he sees.  He sees one filled with prosperity and opportunity and another filled with poverty. I Read More