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Taylor Atwood: 2021 Guest Of The Year (Recast)

12/31/2021 Mass-Lift 0

A recast of the 2021 Guest Of The Hear: Taylor Atwood .   Taylor and his Coach Jason Trembley return to KOTL to discuss the greatest performance in Powerlifting.  Taylor gives his thoughts on all other current lifters, why he keeps winning, why other teams are behind his, a potential showdown with Russel Orhii, and why he can’t be friendly when he is trying to beat you in competition.  Jason Trembley takes you for a Read More

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2021 Year End Awards Episode Part 1

12/26/2021 Mass-Lift 0

The KOTL year in review episode with awards given in multiple categories for the tested federations (untested will be part two).  Hosted by 6 Pack Lapadat, Arian Messy Khamesi, Big Bill McCarthy, Rory Lynchpin Lynch and Jessica Buettner.

Taylor Atwood approaching his ‘Last Dance’?

12/21/2021 Mass-Lift 0

Taylor Atwood joins 6 Pack Lapadat to discuss the trash talk in the 74 kg class, whom he feels is the biggest threat to his throne, his motivation to return, his thoughts on the current state of the game, the Netflix docu series ‘Last Dance’, why his team is ahead of the game, and much more!!

The language of the unheard: LS McClain

12/21/2021 Mass-Lift 0

LS McClain opens up on the George Floyd murder, the ensuing protests, rioting, police brutality, systematic racism, centuries of oppression, the reality for black Americans, who has stepped up, who has stepped back, and what he hopes to see. In a hard hitting discussion, the two-time IPF World Champion leaves his mark. 6 Pack Lapadat hosts. 

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