Where Is The Sport Of Powerlifting Heading?

01/27/2022 Arian Khamesi 0

Where is powerlifting heading? With many high-level meets becoming more competitive and more prize money meets popping up, coaches and athletes are going to change their strategies for training and competing. In this video, I break down some of my thoughts of where I think the sport of powerlifting is heading as far as game day handling and the training leading into these high-level meets. What I discuss in this video includes things I’ve already Read More

Should You Wear A Powerlifting Belt To Bench Press

01/24/2022 Arian Khamesi 0

In this video, I go over why someone may wear a belt for the bench press. In the gym or in a competition, you may see some people wear a belt while they bench press while some others don’t. A lifter could wear a belt for various reasons but I break down some of the most common reasons which are, 1. They’re an equipped lifter. 2. They want some active feedback for technical improvements. 3. Read More

Coach People, Not Lifts

Written by: Kevin Cann This was an important realization for me, to coach the person and not the lifts.  At some point everyone will hit a period of stagnation.  This is inevitable.  The key to overcoming these periods of stagnation is in understanding the person.  Of course, identifying weaknesses and all that is important, but in my experiences, it is only half of it. I will use a real-life example to explain my point.  Mike D’Amico had been hitting very Read More

Recast of Taylor Atwood: 2021 Guest Of The Year

Recast of Taylor Atwood: 2021 Guest Of The Year

Recast of 2021 Guest Of The Year: Taylor Atwood Taylor and his Coach Jason Tremblay return to KOTL to discuss the greatest performance in Powerlifting.  Taylor gives his thoughts on all other current lifters, why he keeps winning, why other teams are behind his, a potential showdown with Russel Orhii, and why he can’t be friendly when he is trying to beat you in competition.  Jason Tremblay takes you for a peak behind the curtain Read More