2011 Bench Press Nationals

Congratulations to the Massachusetts resident and Northeastern University Lifters Shaina Petit and Luis Jaimes for their victories at the 2011 Bench Press Nationals. Joining them was Mass lifter Steven Ritucci and New Hampshire lifters Lizz D’Entremont, Jeffrey Hadad and Peter Hubbard.

Shaina weighed in more than 10lbs light for the 72Kgs/158Lbs weight class but that didn’t hold her back when she locked out 120Kgs/264.5Lbs. This press gave her first place victories in both the Junior and Open divisions. On his third attempt Luis went for the win, by attempting a 230Kgs/ 507Lbs Bench. When the bar was racked he received three white lights to surpass friend and JR World Bench Press team member Chris Vickory by 2.5kgs. Steven, in his first Nationals in over a decade came in third place in the 66Kgs/145Lbs Open division with a strong 147.5Kgs/325Lbs press.

It was a clean sweep for our friends to the north as New Hampshire lifters Lizz, Jeffrey and Peter all won not only one division but two divisions each. Lizz won the Open and Masters 1B, 57Kgs/125Lbs divisions with a strong 82.5Kgs/181Lbs press. Jeffrey took both the Open and Masters 1B, 66Kgs/145Lbs divisions with 182.5Kgs/402.3Lbs. Peter at 73 years young won the Masters 4A and Military 83Kgs/182.9Lbs divisions with an amazing 130Kgs/286.6Lbs press.

Video of Shaina’s Lifts:

Video of Luis Jaimes lifts:


Video of Lizz’s Lifts:


Bench Press Results Name State Div Bwt
Age BP-1 BP-2 BP-3 Best BP Place Wilks
57kg Women
Lizz D’Entremont NH O 56.2 49 80 82.5 -87.5 82.5 1 96.797
Lizz D’Entremont NH M1B 56.2 49 80 82.5 -87.5 82.5 1 96.797
72kg Women
Shaina Petit MA O 68.8 21 107.5 -120 120 120 1 120.828
Shaina Petit MA J 68.8 21 107.5 -120 120 120 1 120.828
Jeffrey Hadad NH O 65.7 45 167.5 177.5 182.5 182.5 1 143.828
Steven Ritucci MA O 65.8 32 -137.5 140 147.5 147.5 3 116.112
Jeffrey Hadad NH M1B 65.7 45 167.5 177.5 182.5 182.5 1 143.828
Peter Hubbard NH M4A 81.1 73 100 117.5 130 130 1 87.997
Peter Hubbard NH MIL 81.1 73 100 117.5 130 130 1 87.997
Luis Jaimes MA J 101.8 22 210 222.5 230 230 1 139.012

 Complete Results


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