Powerlines- February 2013

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President’s Message
I would like to welcome you to Powerlines. For those of you who don’t remember, we have several versions of our newsletter, including hard copy, and electronic over the years. We feel it is an important vehicle to convey information to our members and to let you know what is going on in USA Powerlifting. However, it is dependent on the efforts of our volunteers to write and send to you and our editorial staff has had many of the same concerns that you do: managing work, family, and lifting careers which limits their time. We will continue to do our best to send out newsletter, but please also use our daily communication vehicles, Twitter (this can be viewed on the USAPL website) and Facebook.
2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year. Over the past year we have done well in international competition, and have continued to build on our solid membership base. Our first major competition this year is the Arnold Sports Festival. As in prior years, we will have raw, equipped, deadlift, bench press competitions, and a push-pull competition for lifters in Ohio. One bright sport is in the raw competition, limited to approximately 70 lifters which filled in 36 hours. We are also considering debuting a feature during the Pro American Championships where the public gets to meet our elite athletes, ask questions, and perhaps, sponsorship willing, receive photographs and/or posters of their favorite athletes. We are pleased to welcome back Presenting Sponsors GNC and Titan Support Systems, Gold level sponsors Quest Nutrition and Next Lifter Software, Silver level sponsor Lifting Large, and Bronze level sponsors Denovo Nutrition, Brown’s Gym, and Supreme Sports Performance Training (SSPT). We are looking forward to a great competition!
Our schedule is full this competition year with all of our usual National Championships, starting off this spring with Collegiate and High School Nationals, followed by Master Nationals, Women’s Nationals, and Men’s Teen/Jr. and Open Nationals. Raw Nationals follows, with Bench Nationals rounding out the calendar. Please see www.usapowerlifting.com for our calendar.
Internationally, we have a full calendar this year as well, with teams competing in the Open, Bench Press, Master’s, and Raw divisions. Each international competition, whether the Arnold, a World or North American meet offers the highest level of competition for our athletes. Please note: in 2013 to be selected to an international competition, you must attend the National Championship which corresponds and which serves as the selection meet, e.g. for Open Worlds and Open North American’s, you must have attended the Nationals in that division.
As a reminder, if you use medications which are restricted either in our out of competition you must receive a Therapeutic Use Exemption. If you are an international competitor, this must be granted by the International Powerlifting Federation. If a National level competitor or below, this must be granted by the USA Powerlifting TUE Committee. You are responsible for this application and any medications you take. Failure to receive a TUE may result in a drug test failure. NO TUE applications will be granted for hormone replacement therapy.
Thank you for your support of USA Powerlifting events, our athletes and our mission. Welcome to Powerlines and stay strong.
L.J. (Larry) Maile, Ph.D., President
USA Powerlifting

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