Hadad Earns Broze Medal at World Masters Benchpress Championship

Jeffrey HaddadPrague, Czech Republic, May 18, 2013- Jeffrey Hadad ( Peterborough, NH) placed third in the 66kg/145.5Lb weight class at the 13th World Masters Men’s Bench Press Championships. Hadad opened the event with a conservative 160kg/353.7Lb bench before making an aggressive 15kg/33Lb jump to his second attempt. The 185Kg/407.8Lb second attempt was not only a good lift but best his own American record by 2.5Kg/5.5Lb. Hadad then called for and made a successful 190Kg/418.8Lb third attempt, which put pressure on Olivier Waymel of France for the silver medal as Waymel made the same 190Kg/418.8Lb on his second but Hadad was the lighter lifter. In the end Waymel had enough in the tank to lockout 192.5kg/424.4Lb and locking up the silver medal for France. Hadad finished the day going 3 for 3 on the bench, raising his own American Record by 7.5Kg/16.5Lb and bringing home the bronze medal to America.

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