Joe Cappellino 5/10/13

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Time to hit the second to last yee squat.  I had brazilian all you can eat BBQ for lunch.  It was salty AF so I was def feeling bloated and ready to roll.  Put down some synergy 5×5, foam rolled and we got started. 540 bar weight, blue band and 3 chains per side (TRX bottoms) 8×2 My back was killing and I was gunna stop at 6 doubles, but then I walked around and Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/9/13

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Super Close grip Bench 352x3x5 374×5 Latpulldown 5×10 200# DB rows 100×10 100×12 100x2x15 (realized after I started we only have up to 100s, I obviously dont go in the DB room that much…) Incline Bench, Wide Grip 220x2x5 286x2x5 308x2x5 I realized I really suck at Inclines, and that the best raw benchers in the world are usually really good at inclines.  Gotta start hitting these more often. Pause Squats 396x5x2 Latpulldown tricep pushdown Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/7/13

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First day going from Quincy to Scituate to workout, life is way easier now and training should be top notch as I am finally a full timer at bayhole.  I rode with Ben and we went to pick up RMZ, but he was not ready.  He thought it was 4pm when it was clearly 5:30.  We stopped at tedeschis to get some hardboileds and powerade.  Shaina was hitting her last squats before womens so when Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/5/13

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Had two breakfasts this morning.  I made some bacon and eggs. On the way to baystate I stopped at brueggers to get a smoked salmon bagel and then I clogged the toliet,  sorry friends.  Then I had some synergy 5×5, so consumption was good before 10 am workout. Speed bench, wide 308x6x3 352×1 396×1 2 board raw, wide 440×1 484×1 518×1 2 Board, rage-x 606×1 672×1 716×1 749×1 (Easy, but I need to make sure Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/3/13

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My back is jacked up from doing shrugs? Its a fucked world we live in.  Took a 5 hours energy and went after it. Lou-yee, 507 lbs, Blue Band, 3 chains per side 10×2 with loose TRX bottoms Felt fast.  A blue band when you are 6′-2″ tall and your training partner is 5′-8″ is BRUTAL. Anello deadlifts 418×10 473×5 551×3 606×2 Put on my maxDL 666×1 749×1 with 5 second hold.  I aint dropping Read More

Joe Cappellino 5/2/2013

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What I hope is my last training session at the bathhouse at least till nationals…. I will miss all my Spanish speaking friends, but will enjoy not having to lift with plates that have rusty holes on them, and weird outdated bars and DBs. Close Grip Bench 315x2x3 365x4x3 315×8 Felt terrible today…. kept it light   Latpulldown 200×10 210x3x10 220×10   Incline Bench, Wide Grip 235x3x5 285x3x5 I didnt realize not doing incline ever would make you suck Read More

31st. Annual USA Powerlifting Masters National Championships

05/02/2013 Mass-Lift 0

This year’s Masters Nationals set to start Friday May 3rd will have 107 entries of the strongest men in America 40 years or older. The championship is being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando, if you make there to watch it we have created a unique interactive webpage to stay on top of all the action JUST CLICK HERE. Schedule of Events | Roster | Video &Live Results  

Joe Cappellino 4/30/13

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Had a decent raw squat day on monday, so I came in tuesday just looking to get some more volume in.  I was supposed to be setting up a new office at work, but the new location wasnt ready so I decided to head down to baystate to train with BTM, Ben, peach and of course Big R.  Shaina was there too squatting in gear which looks fun. Squats I didnt even bring my warm Read More

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