Joe Cappellino 9/10, 9/11, 9/13 and 9/15

This week was definetely going to be approached in a way where I could get some recovery in from the 3 week gear cycle I did for squat where I was also squatting 4x per week

I am taking out the 4th day… usually thursday, from here on in.  Sunday squats will be taken out as well when we get close to the meet.  I didnt really hit any heavy lifts this week so hopefully ill feel better next week.

Tuesday 9/10

Pause Squats

352 5 triples

Incline bench

319 4 sets of 5

Beltless Deadlifts



Block Pulls








396 for 5 triples with pause… GRIND CENTRAL STATION.  Bench is super fatigued right now and everything feels heavy as balls.

Good Mornings….

5×5 with 286


Close grip bench

sets of 10 with 220 and 264

Tricep work and other shit I cant remember



Raw Squat




Lifting raw is stupid but whatever… following my plan for worlds.

Deficit pulls, no belt

331 for 10 doubles

45 degree back raise – lots of sets of 10…..

WRAPPING LUIS… very tiring and I count that as work.

Bridges ABs… 7 sets of 15 get the fuck off me bro


Sunday 9/15

Well I knew my bench was shit so I did some speed work and lockout work like back in the old days at xaverian.

Basically keeping heavy off the chest out of the equation.

331×3 for 10 sets

worked up to 496 3×3 off of a 3 board

Lateral raises 4 sets of 15 with 25# DBs

Face Pulls 5×20

Wide grip rows… 264 5×5

Beltless squats

440 5 triples.  Completely naked basically… not even warm pants or knee sleeves.  I dont think I can squat 500 without my sleeves now.


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