Joe Cappellino 10/29 & 10/30

10/31/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Tuesday 10/29 Squats worked up to 507 for 4 doubles Speed pulls 440 for 6 doubles… felt really fucking fast. 45 degree back raises Reverse Hypers Abs   Wednesday 10/30 Luis and I hit our bench openers since I cant work out this weekend due to travel and Ben’s need for speed. Worked up to 694×1 in the Bolt…. Hard to touch but still smoked the fuck out of it.  Excited to show off the Read More

Joe Cappellino 10/22-10/27

10/29/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Tuesday 10/22 Forgot my knee sleeves and warm pants… what a terrible thing to happen. Squats – 331x3x3, 407x3x3, 474x4x3 Speed Pulls – 396x6x2 DB presses – sets of 15 up to 100s BB standing shoulder press – 209 x 3 x 5 45 degree back raises/leg raises x some supersets to finish   Thursday 10/24 Close grip bench – 220x3x6, 264x3x6, 308x3x6 Band Pull aparts – I wanted to keep the back work light Read More

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2013 Northeastern University Raw Collegiate Cup

10/28/2013 Mass-Lift 0

The first powerlifting meet to ever be held at Northeastern University will take place on Sunday, November 17. It will feature raw collegiate lifters from several Boston area schools (NU, BC, BU, Harvard, etc) Entry forms are still being accepted!! Please contact meet director Roy Apostle at for more information. Raw Collegiate Cup Entry form

Joe Cappellino 10/15 to 10/20

10/21/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Training is really winding down… im trying to slightly reduce the amount of shit ive been doing so i can start feeling good going into the meet.  I felt pretty terrible this week all around… arms and legs hanging on by a thread but nothing major… i will start regenerating soon. Tuesday 10/15 Squats 507 4 triples uber Speed pulls…. 308 x 8 triples Incline DB press… lots of sets of 20 Abs and 45 Read More

Joe Cappellino 10/8-10/13

10/15/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Tuesday Squat 331 3×3, 407 3×3, 474 4×3 Deficit pull… 418 for speed triples, got a nice 501 lb Double over hand in as well (Last time Im going to fuck around until after worlds) I did some sets of 15 of DB presses, then I did some strict over head press with a barbell… sets of 8 of like 198 or something. The I did some abs… Thursday… Speed bench 308x2x3 319x2x3 331x2x3 Read More

Joe Cappellino 10/1, 10/3, 10/4 & 10/6

10/07/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

Another training log where I have to remember an entire week of  exercises. Tuesday 10/1 was pretty solid. Pause squat… 6×2 with 440. DB bench…. sets of 15 DB shoulder press, seated… sets of 15 Im pretty sure I did something awesome after this but I cant remember. Abs.   Thursday…. What a day.  My car door is jammed so I had to come in through the passenger side…. My car is small and Im Read More

Joe Cappellino 9/27 & 9/29

10/01/2013 Joseph Cappellino 0

9/27 Friday I am getting back in gear next week, and have been hitting the squat pretty hard.  I needed to tone it back  a little.  Also I am moving my heavy pull night to friday after squats next week to simulate a meet.  It worked well for mens nationals.  So I didnt pull this night either… will do deficits on tuesday with schlafo and have a 727 on the anello in my maxDL  next Read More