Joe Cappellino 10/22-10/27

Tuesday 10/22

Forgot my knee sleeves and warm pants… what a terrible thing to happen.

Squats – 331x3x3, 407x3x3, 474x4x3

Speed Pulls – 396x6x2

DB presses – sets of 15 up to 100s

BB standing shoulder press – 209 x 3 x 5

45 degree back raises/leg raises x some supersets to finish


Thursday 10/24

Close grip bench – 220x3x6, 264x3x6, 308x3x6

Band Pull aparts – I wanted to keep the back work light so I wouldnt be sore the next day

DB tricep extensions

Tricep rope for days

Early finish to get a good night sleep for monster squats.


Friday 10/25

Squats- Raw warmups 155, 275, 385, 496

TRX on – 606×1

Wrapped up for 716×1, 804×1, 870×1, 914×1

The 914 is my best training squat to date… not because of the weight… but because of the SQUAT.

Then I pulled… hit 606 raw then 672 for 5 singles.  “Use the tits”


Sunday 10/27

Bench…. 331x4x4

Close grip 2 boards… 440 x 2 x 3

BB rows…. 308 x 4 x 5

Machine Rows, Plate Loaded…. 4×10

DB side lat raises… 30# DBs for lots of reps

JM presses…. 80 kilos for sets of 15


That about wraps things up…. I have one more week of training to get through and I leave for stavanger on Sunday.

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