5th Annual Winter Classic – Update

02/21/2017 Mass-Lift 0

Athletes, First, let me apologize for the timing of this update, I wanted to get this out to everyone at least two weeks out. This competition reached the cap a couple of months ago with dozens of people asking to be added to a waitlist. We tried to accommodate as many as possible as we learned of withdrawals. This meet will be right at our capacity to run a one platform meet over two days, so we had to Read More

Benefits to Lifting with a Program

02/21/2017 Mass-Lift 0

Following a training program is crucial to success in powerlifting. Some programs are better-suited to certain individuals than others. Additionally, certain general principles are almost always universally better than others. But any structured and systematic training plan will yield significantly greater results than simply going to the gym and “playing it by ear.” There are many reasons for this. I will focus however on three benefits that highlight the necessity of following a program; confidence, Read More

February Mass-Lift Featured Lifter: Joe Cappellino

02/01/2017 Roy Apostle 0

If you have been around USA Powerliting in Massachusetts at all in the past decade you will have experienced the Joe Cappellino phenomenon.  Big Joe, aka the Girth God aka the Sultan of Squat (C. Respect) aka the Italian Stallion, is as strong as he is controversial. Raw with wraps and suit or just plain raw he tends to out-squat everyone in the room, and makes sure that we all know it. From founding a powerhouse Collegiate Read More