June Mass-Lift Featured Lifter: Kelsey McCarthy

06/08/2017 Roy Apostle 0

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from, where you are now, what you do for a living, etc. I was born and have lived in the Boston area, specifically Quincy, MA my entire life. I attended Northeastern University starting in the fall of 2011 and just graduated this past May with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  I am currently studying for my National Physical Therapy Licensing Boards and will be Read More

May Mass-lift Featured Lifter: Henry Hsu

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Editors Note: Henry Hsu is a graduating Senior at Northeastern University. He has been with the team since Fall of 2013 and has been it’s President since Spring of 2015. At the most recent Collegiate Nationals he placed 2nd.Henry is the standard when it comes to dedication and drive to succeed and promote the sport of Powerlifting here in New England. With young individuals like Henry, the future of powerlifting in the Northeast is strong. Read More

April Mass-Lift Featured Lifter: Allen Zou

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Editors note: Allen Zou is a Boston native who helped found the Boston Latin School Powerlifting team while a student there. Without athletes like Allen, the High School program in Massachusetts cannot succeed. We at mass-lift are extremely grateful for his activity in this area of USAPL and his promotion of drug free powerlifting throughout Massachusetts. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from, where you are now, what you do Read More

Upcoming Competitions – Spring/Summer 2017 in New England

03/14/2017 Roy Apostle 0

So many meets, so little time. USA Powerlifting has grown exponentially in the Northeast, mainly due to the hard work of the meet directors and their army of volunteers. As a result, if you are a powerlifter in the Northeast, there numerous opportunities to get onto the platform and smash PRs. Meet directors have loaded up the schedule so far this year, with more meets for the fall in the works. Here is a brief Read More

March Mass-Lift Featured Lifter: Monet Bland

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Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from, how you ended up in MA, what you do for a living, etc. Well, I’m a Taurus so I like long walks on the beach and eating artisan doughnuts. Seriously. But really. I was actually born in Boston, Massachusetts and spent the first seven years of my life here. Then I moved to Maryland, which is where I grew up. I came back Read More

February Mass-Lift Featured Lifter: Joe Cappellino

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If you have been around USA Powerliting in Massachusetts at all in the past decade you will have experienced the Joe Cappellino phenomenon.  Big Joe, aka the Girth God aka the Sultan of Squat (C. Respect) aka the Italian Stallion, is as strong as he is controversial. Raw with wraps and suit or just plain raw he tends to out-squat everyone in the room, and makes sure that we all know it. From founding a powerhouse Collegiate Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Lift in Gear

01/24/2017 Roy Apostle 0

We made it. 2017 is here. A lot happened in 2016 that was pretty impressive. More than a few 1000 lb squats at the World level, several Massachusetts lifters taking medals at Worlds, and membership and interest in meets are through the roof. Many of you though are probably pretty glad 2016 is over. For you all, I would like to share some insight on the never ending debate between Equipped and Raw lifting, something Read More

Powerlifting Questions: Ask Curt

01/13/2017 Roy Apostle 0

In his new video series, Curt St. Romain, Head Coach of the USA Junior/Sub-Junior team, answers questions sent in by lifters. His second video, (which can be found here), lays out some knowledge on programming for High School lifters.   Have a question for Curt? Email him at powerliftingquestions@gmail.com.  

Massachusetts State Chair 2016 Closing Remarks

01/04/2017 Roy Apostle 0

Over the last year USA Powerlifting has seen some tremendous growth. As of year’s end the organization had 15,026 members in 2016, that is up from just over 10,000 in 2015. The membership numbers in Massachusetts were up to 665 with a growth of 37%, we also have one of the top Teen/ High School memberships in the country. Here is the year in review for 2016. Local Level January started off the year with Read More

January Featured Lifter: Liane Blyn

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Liane Blyn took first at the World Open Championships, her second World Title. In Massachusetts she has served as a co-State Chair for the last few years and without her the current High School program would probably not exist. She is a great lifter, coach (Franklin High School), and mentor, and will be sorely missed as she moves on to newer and better things. It is my great pleasure to announce that the January Mass-lift Read More

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