Help Northeastern Powerlifting attend Collegiate Nationals

Northeastern Men’s Club and Women’s Club Powerlifting is a student-run organization that strives to provide a motivating, safe, and fun environment for collegiate powerlifting. Over the years the NUPL has produced many collegiate, national, and international champions in the sport of powerlifting. We are proud of our members and hope to keep the momentum going.

This year we are heading to Collegiate Nationals in State College, Pennsylvania! For many of our members, National’s is the last event of the season where they compete. We are looking for your help to give our team the chance to showcase the hard work we’ve put in this year on the National’s platform.

Please help Northeastern’s strongest men and women raise $2,000 to fund their trip to USA Powerlifting to Collegiate Nationals.

When competing at Collegiate Nationals, our team has the chance to demonstrate our enthusiasm and school spirit to the college powerlifting community on the largest stage. The NUPL team pushes our members to not only strengthen themselves but to help strengthen those around them and to give back to the community. Thank you!

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