USAPL In Competition Drug Testing Procedures

This video goes over the in-competition drug testing procedures for USA Powerlifting (USAPL). There are slight differences in the drug testing process for in competition and out of competition. In addition, there are differences with the process at local, national, and international levels. So I focused this video on local level in-competition testing.

In the video, I go over,

⚛How many athletes get tested
⚛Why are certain athletes tested
⚛When are the athletes selected
⚛How the sample is collected and sealed
⚛How the paperwork is done
⚛When the athlete will find out about their results

You can check out the USAPL Drug Testing Database at the link below. You can also check out my other video on how to avoid a drug test failure at the link below.

⚛USAPL Public Drug Test Database⚛

⚛Avoid a Drug Testing Failure⚛

❓Got any questions about the USAPL drug testing procedures? Then comment below!

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