National Meets 2021, Arnold Qualifying, National Team Qualifying

We would like to start by thanking our volunteers, meet directors, referees, and state chairs for their tireless efforts throughout the year. Your commitment to USA Powerlifting is what makes our organization great.

The USA Powerlifting Executive Committee has important updates on a few key topics it is excited to share with you. Our priority continues to be the health and safety of our members and we continue to consult subject matter experts across the country on our health and safety protocols to ensure your security and good health.

National Championships – 2021

The 2020 Collegiate National Championships remain scheduled for November 20-22 in Oaks, PA. The operations plan has been approved after being heavily vetted and reviewed both internally, and by the local health department. This event will be held on 2 platforms over 3 days and will be widely separated to ensure social distancing protocols. This will be our test for larger meets and how they will be run in the current environment.

Currently, the 2021 Collegiate and High School National Powerlifting Championships are scheduled. Our management teams are working hard planning these events. Our Open, Raw, Bench and Youth Nationals have not been scheduled as we are working diligently to plan and schedule around COVID restrictions and the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) calendar, which has not been finalized yet. 

It is our goal to place nationals so that it makes sense to qualify and field national teams for IPF Worlds. With that said, National meets will not take place prior to June 2021.  As soon as we have a final plan with dates, and locations for Nationals, we will release more information.

The Arnold Sports Festival

For 12 years we have been the premier powerlifting event at the Arnold Sports Festival. We will once again return to the largest multi-sport festival on earth in 2021. Currently, the 2021 Arnold Sports Festival organizers do not have a clear event date. Much uncertainty remains about the dates of the event due to COVID, but we are in close communication with the leadership team and will be at the 2021 Arnold Sports Festival.

Qualifying considerations for the Arnold powerlifting events will come from a variety of sources including; standings in 2020 The Hometown Showdown and previous QT’s from 2019 Nationals and by invitation. We will share more detailed information as soon as the events are planned and scheduled.  

National Team Qualifying

NAPFs: For those interested in competing at NAPF events, currently scheduled for August 2021, we will consider first those who competed at 2019 Nationals and then those ranked within the Hometown Showdown. (You will need to post a total by April 1, 2021 to be considered for the National Team.)

Worlds: Normally, qualifying for international events comes from competing at Nationals.  In the event we do not hold Nationals prior to the nomination deadlines for World events, the athletes who won spots for 2020 will have the right of first refusal for 2021 National Teams to compete at Worlds. 

We are confident that we will have openings on national teams. These spots will be filled from our rankings database for The Hometown Showdown. 


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