How The Online Powerlifting Coaching Process Works

This video goes over how the online Powerlifting coaching process works. I often get asked how the whole online Powerlifting coaching process works. Lifters are unsure of how to find information on a coach, sign-up, receive the programming, send training videos, receive feedback, etc. So, in this video, I got over the step-by-step process that a lifter goes through with my online Powerlifting coaches. In addition, the process is very similar with many of the other online Powerlifting coaches out there.

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My name is Arian Khamesi and I’m a Powerlifting Coach under Squats & Science. In addition, I’m involved in the sport of Powerlifting as an athlete, meet director, referee, scoring manager, committee member, and more. On this channel, I produce videos that are beneficial for Powerlifting athletes, coaches, meet directors, and referees. The videos will be most applicable to those involved in an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) affiliate, like USA Powerlifting (USAPL). But many of the tips and tricks can also be used for those involved in other Powerlifting federations.

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