Kimberly Walford: Saving Worlds, her leaving USAPL, 3rd title in a 3rd weight class

In her most candid interview yet, Kimberly Walford, 7 time US Raw Nats Champion & 8 time IPF World Champion, returns to KOTL. 


Kimberly discusses how she help several USAPL National Team Members save their dream of competing at the World Championships. 


Her leaving the USAPL in 2017/2018, her return to IPF Worlds in 2019 and the epic come-from-behind win. 

Kimberly speaks about her biggest rivals, her staying power, how she has helped give back to the game, and some honest story telling the PL community may have not heard yet. 

Hosted by 6 Pack Lapadat & Arian Messy Khamesi

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