Bonica Brown: Build the Total! Quick Check In Before Sheffield!

​Quick check in with 11x world champion Bonica Brown, who was 13 days out from Sheffield when we recorded this episode. Bonica is ready to tear it up at Sheffield, shatter some world records and win some money. We also talked about her dominance in 2022, breaking the raw and equipped squat world records in a matter of a month, and how she’s dealt with her heartbreaking loss at the World Games 2022. If you know Bonica, you know she never holds back and is a ton of fun to talk to, so please enjoy this episode with one of the best the sport has to offer.
The 2023 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships is the most important competition in powerlifting history with the largest prize fund in powerlifting history. Nine of the 24 athletes invited to Sheffield are from Powerlifting America. For more information and tickets please visit the SBD website here:
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